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Rubix's photographer, Anoop, uses only the best quality Nikon equipment to ensure your day is captured to a stunning high standard, creating memories to last a lifetime. We also are in tune with the latest photography and editing techniques to make sure your pictures stand out. Contact us so we can show you what we do.

Professional & Contemporary

We are pleased to offer a full range of photography and digital media services for Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events and Parties. We work hard to capture the essence of your event and take photos based on organised shots, ad-hoc informal gatherings and landscapes in and around your venue.

Range of Events

A selection of your images will be hosted on our website Galleries for all your guests to see, like us on our Facebook page for the latest update after your event. Our photographer will then put together all of your pictures that he has taken post production onto DVDs for you to keep copyright free.

See your Photos

We will put a selection of your pictures together during the day into a slideshow to further tell your story and project this onto a big screen for your evening reception guests to enjoy. We also put together a couple of specific slideshows which are a surprise for your guests, which we will discuss with you at our first meeting. All of these slideshows will be included in the DVDs sent to you to keep forever.


Our Photography
What we cover:
  • Venue Construction & Guest Preperations

  • Guest Journeys & Arrival

  • Presentations, Ceremonies, Shows and Games

  • Formal Photographs

  • Photobooths, table shots and interaction

  • Information gatherings and activities

  • Landscaping, Venues, Arial and Wider shots


As we undertake a part of our post production process on the wedding day we are able to display your pictures on our website days (not weeks or months) after your wedding.

Typically we will show about 100 photographs in the slideshow and supplement this with another 250 photographs on our website within days of your wedding, followed by the full collection on DVDs sent to you.

Recent Client Galleries

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