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The Rubix Wedding - what makes us different?

So this is my first Rubix blog post and I wanted to start from the beginning.

A little over 3 years ago I got married and it was the Spacebar Productions team that inspired me to want to be a part of making people's wedding day as amazing as mine was.

Rubix mobile discos, as they were called at the time, were already performing entertaining miracles with parties and wedding receptions by keeping the dancefloor packed all night, and had been doing so for over 10 years. So I approached Tom & Chris about the possibility of expanding and focussing. The Rubix Wedding was born.

Ther are 4 key areas that we decided to concentrate on:

1. Entertainment - from background music during your wedding breakfast to the last song of the night on a packed out dance floor.

2. Photography - capturing the emotion of you and your guests on the most important day of your life so you can almost relive those moments for years.

3. Planning - I planned a lot of my own 2 weddings (Civil ceremony and Hindu ceremony) and I learned a lot in that time. There were things that I wish I had to help me so we have created a set of tools to help, and we are always on hand to give advice.

4. Hositing - a formal MC can help your day feel seamless to your guests. The excitement is kept to a maximum, but we never take centre stage. The bride and groom is what the day is all about and we make sure everyone else is where they need to be to keep those positive vibes, and the day, flowing!

The 3 of us, as a close knit team, work tirelessly for hours before your wedding day. We make sure all our equipment is ready, and we put in the effort to plan how we will work with you and your guests to make your day "The greatest day of your life".

And that has been at the heart of everything we do since. We exist to make your wedding day the greatest day of your life.

So what sets us apart?

Not many people offer multiple services in the wedding market. So why do we? We still use professionals for each service. But because most of our services are delivered by us 3 (sometimes our partners and wives help, or carefully chosen friends with the experience and know how for specific roles) we can offer amazing service at affordable prices. We aren't a large company. We are 3 passionate individuals who love what we do: making our brides and grooms happy! :)

Look through our website. See what we do. Read our testimonials. We don't do off days. Contact us today to let us help make your wedding day the greatest day of your life.

Watch out for future blog posts as we look at what Rubix can do for you, our future brides, some hints and tips to make your day live forever in your memory and a few secrets to help get you those magical moments on camera.

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