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Think outside the box - how we make your photos stand out with attention to the details

It's all about the details. How many times have you heard that? Especially when it comes to planning your wedding...

The details are what makes your wedding day "yours". It makes it stand out and different from the last person to get married at your venue. The reason you chose those details is because the matter to you. So we think that they should form part of the story of your wedding day. Without them it could be anyone's wedding (although you standing in your wedding dress or tails will give away whose it actually us!).

We make sure we spend some time capturing photos of those details. Here are just a few of the things we look for:

Chair Covers Table Setup Table Plan

Table number/names Name cards (inc Bride & Groom Menu cards

Cake Flowers - including bouquet(s) and button holes

Venue name sign Rings Guest book

Special items of clothing (cufflinks/ties/shoes/or anything else significant)

Hair Car Presents

Favours Special surprises

but we can add to this list so when we photograph your wedding, all of these details are there to help fill the story of your day.

When planning, it is well worth spending time on looking at the details and deciding on them as you will treasure those details when you look back on the day.

Contact us today to see how we can help capture the magic of your wedding day!

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