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The Rubix experience - we want to make marriages as well as weddings

Your wedding day is likely to be the best day of your life. We can help make it so!

But, the wedding is just the beginning. Something that is often overlooked during wedding planning is how to have a successful marriage.

I have been married for 3 1/2 years now. While it hasn't always been plain sailing, I can honestly say that I am happily married. Surely that has to be the goal, right?

If you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with someone, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, you want it to be as happy as it can be.

Every marriage has its up and downs. The trick is to make the number of up days far outweigh the down. It isn't easy, I assure you. It takes work, commitment, trust and compromise, from BOTH sides.

I am no marriage counsellor, or an expert, but I have heard and read a few pearls of wisdom which I try to remember, especially on those down days, so the up days return sooner.

Everyone wants to be loved. That is human nature, but we all appreciate love in different "languages". The first tip is to find the language your girlfriend/boyfriend/fiance/fiancee/wife/husband/partner loves in. This handy website has a short questionnaire which may help:

The author of the book "The five love languages", Gary Chapman, believes there are 5 ways a person can receive love:

  1. Words of affirmation

  2. Acts of service

  3. Receiving gifts

  4. Quality time

  5. Physical touch

We all like to receive love in 1 or more languages over others. Find yours, and your other half's, it may be an eye opener!

One of the most important things I have found to help in my marriage is commuication. Talking ad communicating effectively and constantly means we both know what the other is thinking, feeling, wanting, working on and then we can be there to support each other when we need it most. Knowing what makes your loved one happy is paramount. One question I have recently started asking my wife is "what has made you laugh today?" Usually it involves either a kid at her school coming up with some comedy gold (she is a primary school teacher) or a fellow teacher doing something crazy but there has not been a day that has gone past where she has not had a response. Not only do I learn more about what makes her laugh (other than my spectacular jokes!) but it makes her laugh again so more happiness is in our world!

Another great resource is inspirational quotes. Instagram is full of them, so on our instagram page from Wednesday at 7pm, we are going to post one love quote a week. This is to help you on your path to a long happy marriage. Follow us on Instagram today to see what it is all about!

So there are my pearls of wisdom, there will be more to come in future blogs and on instagram but I hope those are useful.

Good luck and here is to you all having long happy loving marriages (kicked off with an awesome Rubix Wedding!)

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