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Chasing the dream - working in your ideal job

There are many books out there about quitting your job and chasing your dream, doing what makes you happy and finding your purpose in life. As a business owner (wedding photography isn't my full time job!) I have been reading a few of these books to help gain some tips into making my business(es) more enjoyable, more rewarding and also ensuring I have the right work/life balance.

One of the books I read is a best-seller called the 4-hour work week (doesn't that sound amazing) by Tim Ferriss and it is a pretty inspirational read. It talks a lot about outsourcing jobs that do not excite you and streamlining your work life so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

While that is all well and good, and I learned some great lessons from that book (I hate cleaning so we have since hired a cleaner so neither myself or my wife has to do it!) it actually made me realise that I am pretty lucky. My day job as a trainer and consultant is pretty fulfilling. I get to meet lots of people, show them how to use specific tools for Data Analysis (a lot of people think it is a boring field but you can learn so much with the amount of data that is available today!) and you can see those moments of realisation that are advertised to wannnabe-school teachers. But I get the joy of that every day. And that gives me a lot of pride and joy.

But a few years ago when I joined the Rubix team and we started Rubix Events it was for a totally different reason. At the time I was not running my own company and while I was working in data analysis it was in a fairly mundane & repetitive churn fashion (most organisations have moved on from this and are able to automate report building, if not give me a shout and we can talk about that too!) so I wanted to do something a little more fulfilling and enjoyable in my free time.

When I was getting married I done a large chunk of the planning, which is strange for a groom to be so hands on, but I loved it. I crave process and efficiency - as Chemical and Process Engineer - and bringing that to the most important day of my life brought me so much pleasure that I decided to make my blueprint available to others by using the same process, while being totally open to tweaks for couples to personalise to their own weddings, giving them a much more relaxed, coordinated and thought out approach to planning their big day.

The other thing I wanted to embark on was learning about wedding photography. My father is a photography enthusiast and has had a camera in his hand for as along as I can remember, my aunts and uncles said that back in Africa before coming to England he was glued to his camera, and even on our wedding day when we had hired a professional camera and video crew he was sat at the top table holding his camera - we still laugh about that today! So he was my first inspiration. Then, the day that we recieved our wedding photos we got a huge sensation, a contagious buzz and that is a feeling that I will never forget. I was so excited to relive those precious moments of our wedding day with my wife and I wanted to go over them again and again and again.

So what? Isn't everyone excited to see their wedding photos? I hope so! And that is the feeling that I wanted to give to others. But not only that, but I wanted to be part of the day, be integral to making someone's wedding day the best day of their life. That is what the team who worked at my wedding done so I wanted to pass that feeling on.

Rubix Events was born. I had known Tom and Chris for years and they were perfect professionals in what they done. They were amazing DJs, had some great kit but I knew we could be so much more if we joined forces.

Since that day when we came together there have been 3 core values which we have always tried to stick to:

1. Give our clients the best experience and service they could ever imagine. Exceed expectations and give them that buzz.

2. Offer our clients the best value for money, we are in tough times and it is difficult to find true value but we think we have the formula.

3. Make sure we enjoy ourselves - you will see us running around doing all sorts of things from fixing the bride's dress, putting up decorations, arranging a heart using 100+ people or rocking the dancefloor until 1am but we will enjoy it all!

And the third value gives us the best job satisfaction anyone could hope for. We are in a crowded and competitive market but we enjoy what we do, we love making our brides and grooms buzz and we offer it all at a reasonable affordable price.

Trust me, there is nobody who can do what we do for the price that we do, at the standard we do. We don't do it for the money, but we have to have the specialist equipment which is costly so we invest what we make back into the business to make the experiences we offer even better!

So this isn't a sales pitch, this isn't blog post saying "come and use us because we can do this, that and the other". We have done a few of those posts and our website shows off what we can do pretty well. All I want is the opportunity to be happy, and that is by using all my skills (I have been training hard to learn all about wedding photography in terms of theory and have been able to better the pictures I take by applying that knowledge) and my experience and bring them to you.

This post is actually all about you, if you want that buzz, if you want those butterflies, if you want a seamless & more relaxed planning process, contact us today and let us have the pleasure of helping makie your wedding day the best it can be.

P.S. Its also about you because it shows that you can find job satisfaction, I am living proof of it! Try different things, find what you enjoy the most and do it today. If you wait until tomorrow, that is 1 less day of happiness and awesomeness for you!

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