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The Rubix Photobooth - how is it different to all the other photobooths out there?

We have tried and tested the various type of photo booth available on the market and we think we have come up with a winning formula.

The essence of a photo booth is to have capture moments of you and your friends having fun. If you are in a small confined space like a lot of conventional photo booths you lose the ability to interact with more people. That is where the Rubix Photobooth differs.

Our photobooth is less booth and more studio. We have a professional set of studio backdrops (currently blue, black and white colours but we can get more if you want a specific theme) which can be up to 3m wide. In this space you can fit a large group of people (there are 19 people in the picture below!), all with silly hats, wigs and costumes and you can all be having fun together.

Another differentiator is that we have a manned photobooth. This means someone is on hand to "encourage" you to be more creative with your pose, although experience tells us that as your event progresses this is needed less and less.

The last thing that make us stand out is price. We have assessed the market and we so far have not been able to find a better value photobooth offering in our serving area. Currently priced at just £250 for an evening event, or £150 when booked alongside a Rubix Disco or All Day Photography package, we challenge you to find better value!

You can see more examples of our photobooth in action in our galleries.

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