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Taking the stress out of wedding planning - the Rubix wedding planning toolkit (including a FREE wed

It is often said that the two most stressful parts of adult life are moving house and getting married.

Talking from experience, I can definately vouch for that statement. But I was crazy enough to move house and then 4 months later have 2 weddings (1 full blown Indian wedding and another full blown civil white wedding).

As my now wife is a school teacher it is difficult for her to be able to do a lot of the planning but we made all the decisions together. But there were a few things that helped.

Using my skill with Microsoft Excel I was able to devise some key tools that helped reduce some of the planning headache. And these tools are now available to you to use as Rubix Events customers. Naturally, the tools are a lot cleaner than my personal raw versions and some of the functionality has been improved over time where people have used them and made suggestions.

So what tools do we have for you to use?

1. The Rubix Budget and Supplier Planner

This is one of the key tools I used.

First thing to do is set a budget for your wedding. This tool has a comprehensive list of items, many that you will have thought of, some that you may not have, and space to add your own too if there is anything specific to your special day to budget for. This lets you track what you have paid, when, who to, whether it is above or below your budgeted amount including deposits.

2. The Rubix Guestlist Planner

Another essential tool for me.

You send your save the dates, your invites and you recieve RSVPs. They can be difficult to keep track of without something like the Rubix Guestlist Planner. Have all your guest information including names, address, phone number, details of what you have sent (save the date, invites) what you have recieved (RSVPs, song choice if requested) and we have even added the ability to create a table plan using the tool. Assign each person onto a table and then the table plan tab will populate so you can see who is sat on which table. Again, helping take some of the stress out of the more difficult tasks of planning a wedding.

3. Rubix Wedding Day Timetable

This is a key tool that we put together for every couple we work with. It runs through what is happening when on your wedding day, as well as organising the photograph sessions. This is given to the MC, the venue host, the ushers, the best man, the bridesmaids, the maid of honour and we keep a copy on us the whole day long.

This one tool helps keep your day flowing, it forms part of our Hosting offering and everyone is aware of the scheduled time for every event. Of course things change, and it is your day so you can chop and change it as you go on the day but this will help make sure everyone is where they should be for the key moments of your wedding.

4. Rubix Wedding Planning Timetable

Planning a wedding takes time. Many brides take 2 years or more to plan their perfect day. To have absolutely everything you want, we recommend starting early. Dates, venues, photographers and other suppliers get booked up quickly, we take many bookings 2 years in advance. This timetable helps to suggest which tasks need to done when.

From 24 months before, to the day of your wedding, this will help guide you in what you should do when. Does this mean that it can't be done in less than 2 years? Of course not. Many couples plan and marry in less than 6 months. It restricts choice somewhat but you can definitely pull everthing together in a short amount of time (but that would increase the amount of stress so these tools become even more useful for you!)

5. Rubix Photo Suggestion List

This does exactly what it says on the tin. If you have any specific photos that you would like taken, let our photographer know with this list. You could look on PInterest for inspiration and create a board of photos that you like. Send that board to our photographer so he knows what you are after and he can do the rest.

6. Rubix Groom Speech

This helpful guide can help you put together a great groom speech. Making sure it is not too long, ensuring traditions are followed, this step by step guide will bring together all the important parts that make up an amazing groom's speech that captivates your family and guests.

That is the suite of tools so far. We are always adding to this, creating new content and updating the tools where necessary to make sure you are getting the most useful tool possible.

The first tool we started using was the budget planner and the Planning timetable. If you are planning your wedding and you are not sure if you have thought of everything, we will give you the planning timetable FREE OF CHARGE. All you have to do to get this click here, enter your details and the planning timetable will be on its way to you!

All of these tools will help take some of the stress out of planning your wedding, leaving you to enjoy the build up and experience of it all!

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