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Help! I want to look good in front of a camera! - 10 tips to help you look stunning

Cameras are scary things aren't they? They make people nervous and some people end up looking like this:

Well stop worrying right now as help is at hand. With a little preparation and some fun you will feel a lot more at home in front of the lens. The beauty is, this doesn't just apply to your wedding day or engagement shoot, but can be used for selfies, parties; basically any photo opportunity that comes your way! You may find all the tip's don't apply every time, but pick and choose them for the right situation.

#tip1: Have fun

This is a bit of a no brainer really. When at a photo session, if I feel one (or both!) of the couple are tense or nervous I suggest some silly poses. I quite often go back to that Chandler pose as above. After a few of these poses you will start to relax and see that natural smile shine through.

#tip2: What to wear

What you wear can impact a picture massively. If you want to make a bold statement with your clothing, wear something bright! Generally though, I would suggest clean pastel colours with minimal pattern. Bright colours and patterns distract from faces and eyes. You want to be the centre of focus, so be the centre and stand out! Some types of clothes naturally flatter the human body, that means dresses & heels for the girls, and suit (and tie if you want) for the guys. The Rubix Events style guide is here to help empower you to look your best!

#tip3: How to Stand

As a rule of thumb, try to avoid standing head on to the camera. Your shoulders and hips are the widest parts of your body and if you are square on, these features will be emphasised. Try turning 45 degrees to the camera, it is a much more flattering angle. Another key is to keep your chin up - that simple tilt will help reduce any unwanted chins from the picture (another reason why selfies are better taken with the camera slightly above your face)

#tip4: What to do with your hands & arms

Try to keep your arms away from your body. When your arms are by your side they spread out and look bigger. The rule you always hear from photographers is "if it bends, bend it". This goes for arms, legs, even your waist! Putting weight on one leg and bending the other creates a flattering curve and looks super stunning!

#tip5: Work the angles & light

Take your photo to another level (literally!). Try a photo from way up high or from lying on the floor to gain a unique perspective. Lie on the floor and have a birds eye view photo taken. In terms of light, a lot of people look to keep their face lit in sunlight but this isn't always the best idea. Looking directly into the sun makes you squint and that NEVER looks good! So try having the sun off to one side, or behind you. It creates that halo of sun-kissed highlight around our head and body which looks awesome! Also, pictures taken in the soft light of golden hour (2 hours before sunset or 2 hours after sunrise) look amazing, if you can pick those times for your photos to get the best results.

#tip6: Keep it Natural

A few posed photos are fine but keeping things natural and candid helps convey emotion in a photo so try to capture that emotion of the moment and people will share the same feelings.

#tip7: Attention! Keep that posture!

Keep your shoulders down and back, stand tall, with your tummy in. This has a great effect on your entire body. Your clothes will look better on you and create long, smooth lines. Just like your neck, think long and tall, from head to toe. And when you feel tall and lifted and strong, it can make you feel more confident, too!

#tip8: Clean & Simple backgrounds

Uncluttered, clean simple backgrounds help keep you the centre of focus so wherever possible, try to use a clean backdrop to your photo.

#tip9: When someone says "say cheese" or "smile", laugh!

A camera can spot a fake smile, so when you want to show true happiness in a photo think to a funny moment, laugh and your face (especially your eyes) will show the genuine happiness that you are feeling.

#tip10: Did I mention, have fun?

As I may have already mentioned, photos capture emotion and if you are having fun, the photo will showcase that feeling. Have fun, relax and you will look great!

Happy Snapping! =D

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