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Stylise your engagement or portrait shoot - look fabulous on camera

You may have seen our blog post a few weeks ago on "Why an engagement shoot is so important" (if not you can find it here) where we touched on how to look fabulous in you photos.

Today we are going to expand on that post a little and when you book with us you will get access to one of two amazing & exclusive gifts.

Previously we said this when deciding what to wear:

We are Rubix have an engagement session style guide which can help with this if you are struggling. Things to think about here are:

- Colours - which colours photogrpah well as well as colour combinations to wear

- Coordinate - this means coordinate the outfits between the couple, not necassarily match. Subtle hints of the same colour can have a huge impact rather than you both wearing the same.

- Style - wear clothes that naturally flatter the human body. This generally means a blazer and trousers with shoes for the guys, and a dress (long or shorter length) with heels for the girls.

- Hair & Makeup - go pro if you can, it will help you look your best! It may even work out well to have your hair and makeup trial done on the same day!

- Details - socks/cufflink/tie/tie-clip/jewellery/hair clip/watch - all of these are great for accessorising your outfit

And all of these tips still hold true but we can now apply similar rules to all portrait sessions, helping you look remarkably stunning in any photo shoot you have.

So to help with all of these tips and give some real detail to make sure you look fabulous, we have a brand new offering - The Rubix Events Ultimate Portrait Session Style Guide.

This is quite similar to the engagement session style guide but it has some extra features which are specific to portrait sessions, such as how to coordinate and prepare your kids for the shoot.

Interested? Want to get all the family together, looking awesome and have memories to last forever? Contact us today to book in your stylized Portrait or Engagement session.

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